Our Support is Number 1

Every agent at CBSHOME is recruited, selected, trained, equipped and supported to provide the best service and the best real estate experience imaginable.

  • We have the best staff who always give a total team effort.
  • "It's not my job" is never spoken in this office. Instead everyone takes a total team effort with the attitude of "How can I help you".
  • We have some of the best tech reps around in this office, they are always willing to teach and to mentor.

  • Coaching

  • My philosophy: I'm always at your service to discuss your personal business goals on demand or on a scheduled basis. Carve out some time to get together with me and we can discuss some of your business goals and plans. - Joe Gehrki
  • With over 20 years of sales experience, you will not find another manager at a big company here in Omaha with so much hands on experience.
  • I have specific areas for both new and experienced agents to help you maximize your goals.

  • Culture

  • Since 1989 - this location has been one of the most recognizable sales offices in Omaha. Everyone knows where this office is.
  • Sales Meetings - Our meetings are well attended for a reason. We are productive, and my goal is to always maximize your time and add value.
  • Real estate is all about technology and relationships. We focus on these two areas together to take your business to the next level.
  • Support, Success and Fun!

  • Agent Testimonials

    Our agents are intensively trained from day one, and their unsurpassed ongoing education keeps their skills sharp, and their knowledge up-to-date. And their understanding and specialization in specific neighborhoods is simply invaluable.

    "Their isn't one agent in this office that isn't genuinely happy when the next agent succeeds." - Bill Swanson
    "As I approach my 20th anniversary in this business, I realize how fortunate I've been to spend the last 20 years surrounded by the best people in the business, CBSHOME West Dodge. You'll always find a friendly smile, as well as the best advice & encouragement available. It sounds corny, but it truly is a family atmosphere. I've had numerous opportunities to hang my license at other companies and offices, but I've never felt for a single second that any other environment compared to ours." - Marty Cohen

    Joe Gehrki 
    Contact Info:
    Email: Joe.Gehrki@cbshome.com
    159 Dodge
    15950 West Dodge Road, Suite 200
    Omaha, NE 68118
    Main Office: 402-934-1590
    Office FAX: 402-697-4402